CMVision Technologies Inc for Red and Infrared Light Therapy Project

Back to Feb 28, 2017, Dr Hamblin , Harvard university assistant prof. had an interview with Dr Marcola  about Red & Near Infrared Light Therapy. 

During this interview, they mentioned the equipment used for hospital or clinic which is large and very expensive, can not use for portal personal carry.Therefore on the end of interview, they mentioned our CMVision Product meet their minimum specification which power intensity is around 20mW/ per cm2. 

That was the reason we started this project in Feb 2017.  After two years hard working, today we are very happy to announce that  finally we roll out first Red & NIR prodoct which is called "POWER PANEL" named by DR Hamblin.
In the real world, it’s possible for everybody to  get injured and feel pain in various parts of the body. Especially for athletes and people doing sports. 

Light therapy is one of the common approaches selected by people for treatment at home.

What is CMVision Power Panel?
CMVision Power Panel is the smartest portable and most powerful device for red and infrared light therapy light you've ever experienced. It's a 10hz frequency-pulsed, energy efficient, multi-wavelength LED chip that you control with a switch. It provides a total output to 50-80 Watts of optical power.  Power Panel gives you unprecedented control of your lights, reduces your energy costs, lasts up to 10 years and delivers an amazing range of benefits we think you’ll love.


We Need Your Help! 
We [Benjamin Yang, Dr Michael Hamblin] have designed, redesigned and reimagined Power Panel many times during the past two years, pouring countless hours into thinking about the user experience, the technical aspects of the project and how to deliver the world's smallest and powerful Power Panel for red and infrared light therapy to you at an affordable price point. You can help bring Power Panel to the world by being the very first to own them!

What Do I Get? 
CMVision Power Panel comes as either single unit or can be purchased in packs. Each unit is ready to use when you plugged in portable DC power adapter. Simply choose the option of  wavelength you need ( 660nm, 660nm & 850nm, 850nm) and you are ready to go. If you need special treatment for some frequency-pulsed module, you can buy 10hz frequency-pulsed module function with module PP200, PP100. 

What types of the wavelength are available?
  • Red 660NM ( request by customer
  • Combo Red/NIR - 660NM/850NM  ( default mix )
  • NIR 850NM  ( request by customer )
After the project has finished we will be sending out surveys to all KickStarter backers asking which wavelength of the above wavelength you want. You will be able to select single or both wavelength mix. We are preparing more wavelength options ( 830nm, 630nm, 940nm ) in the near future. The more pledges we receive the more options will be available. Please direct message us if have a preference for wavelength that is not on the above list.


CMVision Power Panel have been designed and prototyped in Houston, TX United State and we plan to manufacturer via a trusted partner with operations in based in HangZhou, China Which is owned by CMVision Technologies Inc. 

Our Vision 
In the twenty-first century, people need a better solution for chronic pain, and red and infrared light therapy (photobiomodulation) is a possible key to solve this issue. CMVision Power Panel answers a need that is well and truly overdue. It need to be more powerful, smarter and last longer. 


Ben Yang 

Dr Michael Hamblin